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Lon Lee

Lon Lee, who founded Carrousel Studio in 2010, is a passionate illustrator gradulated from Monash University, Australia. Her two major series of illustrations, one revolves around her mischievous character Mr. Skeleton and the other cheerful series feature herself as a little traveller, often strike the audience by their seemingly contradictory styles. Yet, these contradictions simply delineate the artist as a human being in the most natural form. Many of her works recorded or reflected the artist’s own life, as an imaginative illustrator, an adventurous traveller, and a friend who wishes to inspire others with joy.

To her acquaintances, Lon Lee has always been that delightful and artistic friend whose drawings can spark a smile in the midst of a hectic day: She is that ever-curious little girl who wears nothing but vibrant colours and she is also that story-teller who whispers to you the secrets of Mr. Skeleton. Behind those vibrant colours lies her inborn sensitivity towards hues and beneath the cross-hatching is her characteristic care for details. Embracing both her colourful and monochromatic natures, the artist continues to dance between spontaneous symphonies and reminiscent requiems.

Since her childhood, Lon Lee has developed a keen interest in a wide range of arts. But it was not until her university years had she discovered her aspiration and passion as an illustrator. After publishing a few children’s illustration books in Australia, she returned to Hong Kong and was actively involved in artistic and creative education as to pass on the wonders of arts to the youths. Currently, as both the Art Director and illustrator of Carrousel Studio, she provides illustration services, graphic, packaging and product design solutions to clients.

The artist is currently developing products centred around her signature characters.

李嘉朗,畢業於澳洲Monash University 的插畫師,並於2010年創辦個人工作室 Carrousel Studio。她的作品游走於明快色彩與淡雅黑白之間,這兩個迥然不同的風格卻同樣反映着創作者的日常心情和生活,紀錄了她作為插畫師和Carrousel Studio 創辦人的挑戰,旅行時發生的趣事及與家人朋友的互動。 從色彩繽紛、以朋友和自己為藍本的系列中,我們能看到她對顏色的敏感度;自黑白為主、以Mr. Skeleton為主角的系列中,我們可見到她對細節的追求。唯有連結起這兩條貌似對立的線索,我們才能描繪出創作者的真實面貌。

李嘉朗自幼便對繪畫、手工藝充滿熱忱,從大學時期開始更專注發展她的插畫事業,並曾於澳洲出版兒童插畫書籍。回港後,她曾投身於藝術教育,致力傳承她對藝術的熱誠及引導年輕人發掘自身潛能。她於2010年創辦個人工作室 Carrousel Studio,提供插畫,圖像、包裝及產品設計服務。從平面到立體,未來她更會開始設計一系列承接着她一貫風格的產品。

Carrousel Studio

Carrousel Studio is a creative art studio based in Hong Kong. Founded by Lon Lee in 2010, Carrousel Studio works on a range of projects including art direction, illustration, graphic design, identity design, website development, wedding graphics, editorial design and animation. With an emphasis on illustration based design, Carrousel has worked with various clients including the Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation in Australia, the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Opera Hong Kong, Arrowana International & the University of Hong Kong.

Carrousel Studio 是一間由兩位插畫師組成的的插圖及平面設計工作室。 我們熱愛繪畫,喜歡將生活中的點滴一一記錄下來,細細回味。我們的設計不會規限於單一種風格。我們喜歡嘗試、創新,製作與眾不同的作品。設計工作包括:美術指導、平面設計、插畫、婚禮設計、網頁設計、產品設計及動畫製作等等。


Clients include :

Campbell Books (Pan Macmillan – UK)
Imperial College London (UK)
Hong Kong Airport Authority
University of Hong Kong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hysan – Lee Garden Association
Swire Group
Peninsula hotel
Po Leung Kuk
St. James’ Settlement
Hong Kong Ballet
Hong Kong Dance Company
Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus
Hong Kong Children’s Choir
Hong Kong Treble Choir
Children Cancer Fund (Australia)
The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd (Australia)

Tool of Trade :

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Aftereffect