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Who are we?

We are a passionate team of graphic designers, illustrators and creative minds lead by Art Director Lon Lee. Our team members are based in London and in Hong Kong.
We provide creative solutions to small business owners who wants quality design but has a limited budget. And who wish to up their game on social media, marketing or even rebranding their company or products

What we can offer?

-Art Direction
-Identity design (Logo, rebranding)
-Graphic design & Print design (posters, leaflets, booklets)
-Illustration & character design
-Social media marketing

-Package design
-Pattern design
-Video shooting and editing
-Website design
-Event and booth design
-Animation, motion graphics

Who should be interested?

Business owners who wants good quality graphics and wish to improve on their presence on social media, marketing or even rebranding their company or products.

What are the options?

Basically we can collaborate in 2 ways:
1. Freelance Project based – project-by-project bases, suitable for one-off or recurring projects or events, package can include selection of services that comes in stages

2. Monthly retainer package – long term relationship and collaboration that takes care of all the design and creative need. Affordable and reliable service

Tailor made contract with options from Basic to Premium packages which can be renewed half annually and annually

How much is it?

We tailor-made our package for every single project and company, please contact us for a free consultation and we will provide a quotation customised for your business.

What’s the usual process of collaboration?

1. Talk to us: – call or email us for a free consultation with Art Director Lon Lee, let us know what you have in mind
2. We will customise a quotation for you
3. Pick the best suitable option for your business
4. It usually requires a 50% deposit before the project begins
5. Start our collaboration! We will brainstorm, research and present our concepts and sketches to you
6. When you are happy with it we will proceed to create the final design
7. You can then give us feedback and make we will modifications and adjustments according to your needs
8. Deliver final artworks
9. Payment of the remaining 50% balance will be due within 7 days of the issue of the invoice
10. Happy clients and collaborate again

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Design Studio

List of clients

12 Production
Airport Authority香港機場管理局
Almo nature
Art Next Expo 2017
Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER)
Cheung & Co., Solicitors 張志宇律師行
Children Cancer Fund Foundation (Australia)
Dynamic vision
East Technologies Ltd東科技網頁設計有限公司
Elizabeth Arden
Haw Par Mansion
Hong Kong Ballet
Hong Kong Christian Service
Hong Kong Dance Company
Hong Kong Flute Academy 香港長笛藝術學院
Hong Kong Flute Association香港長笛協會
Hong Kong Treble Choir 香港童聲合唱團
Imperial College (London)
Macmillian Publishers International Limited
Mckinsey & Company
Music Children Foundation 音樂兒童基金會
Music Cicle
Musical Kidz Studio
Only Organic
Opera Hong Kong
Peninsula hotel 半島酒店
Po Leung Kuk 保良局
Skin & Co
Social big data
Studio City Macau 新濠影滙
Sven’s Island
Swire Properties 太古地產
TA Communication Limited 天禧顧問有限公司
Tammy & Benjiman (Paris)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學
The Hong Kong Children’s Choir 香港兒童合唱團
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 香港科技大學
The Thinkers Limited
The University of Hong Kong香港大學
UHA Hong Kong
Vocal Passion
World Harp Congress
Yung Kee

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