Yenni Chau

Yenni Chau,香港插畫師。自少就熱愛畫畫的她,從第一天學會拿起畫筆,就再沒法停下來!


Yenni Chau主修動畫媒體藝術,於2011至2013年間在香港雜誌連載漫畫插圖。現於Carrousel Studio 從事插畫工作、圖像設計、包裝設計和網頁設計等等。

Yenni is an illustrator from Hong Kong. She started her drawing life from the day she picked up a pencil. Ever since she could not stop scribbling everyday. She taught herself to draw and paint by observing other artists’ works and lots of practice. She soon realize that she cannot live without art anymore!

Except for what she learnt from her Multi-media Art studies, Yenni is also passionate about Fine Art, graphic design and all sorts of crafty works. She is enthusiastic about learning everything artsy!

Nature is the biggest inspiration for Yenni. She is fascinated by the beauty of the Earth and the Universe, she filled her art with mushroom and cute animals like cats and bears!

Yenni’s illustration series were featured in magazines published in Hong Kong. In 2011, Yenni joint Lon at Carrousel Studio to make illustrations, graphic, packaging, website design and currently developing their own brand of products and projects.

Carrousel Studio

Carrousel Studio is a creative art studio based in Hong Kong. Founded by Lon Lee in 2010, Carrousel Studio works on a range of projects including art direction, illustration, graphic design, identity design, website development, wedding graphics, editorial design and animation. With an emphasis on illustration based design, Carrousel has worked with various clients including the Children’s Cancer Centre Foundation in Australia, the Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Opera Hong Kong, Arrowana International & the University of Hong Kong.

Carrousel Studio 是一間由兩位插畫師組成的的插圖及平面設計工作室。 我們熱愛繪畫,喜歡將生活中的點滴一一記錄下來,細細回味。我們的設計不會規限於單一種風格。我們喜歡嘗試、創新,製作與眾不同的作品。設計工作包括:美術指導、平面設計、插畫、婚禮設計、網頁設計、產品設計及動畫製作等等。